You’ve probably heard a lot about ‘digital marketing’. It’s more of a buzzword to the ad execs of today than ‘toasted’ was to Lucky Strike, but its elements can remain unclear. As online consumes a larger piece of traditional marketing budgets of large enterprises and mid-sized firms and successful companies in Canada make massive increases in their internet marketing efforts, it’s clear this is no fad. Let’s look at how a full service digital marketing agency in Kitchener can help client’s reach their target audience and generate quality leads. Call for more about our competitive high-quality solutions.



Digital marketing

Not your grandmother’s marketing

Full service digital marketing describes an umbrella of services that impact perceived value and online lead generation. The goal is still the same as with any other form of marketing – to promote your brand, get leads, convert leads into customers, and turn customers into loyal, long-term advocates. Since we’re talking about professional digital marketing company in Kitchener, internet marketing at the core, tactics are different than with TV or radio.

Although its history is rooted in manufacturing, Kitchener has begun to diversify in the last few years. With a population of 219,153, Kitchener has been re-energizing the downtown core to spur commerce. The Kitchener Market is a highlight of the weekend, with farmers coming together to sell incredible food and local products. Google also has an office in Kitchener, as tech companies have begun to set up shop here. Kitchener is close in proximity to Waterloo, which is a major technology hub in Ontario.


Professional Digital Marketing by people who

do it right

Beat Your Competition With Tastic Marketing

You can be sure your competition is investing into online advertising, if you aren’t, that means your potential audience is looking at someone else right now. If you are currently with an agency but feel you are either under serviced, overpaying, or simply looking to take things to the next level, our team of experts can put together a strategic plan to get you there.

Don’t rely on just any digital marketing company in Kitchener to develop the public face of your brand. Call the experts at Tastic and get ready to start capturing more business. Here are a few tips to help you during this critical decision making phase:

  1. Rise to the challenge of the changing landscape: You don’t have to abandon other forms of advertising, but make sure your advertising budget reflects the changing times by giving digital a big enough slice of the pie. Get it done right the first time with Tastic!

  2. Professional web design is only the beginning: There’s no use having a business website if it’s going to sit there and do nothing. It is actually the cheapest and often most critical aspect of internet marketing. When advertising can costs a few thousand per month, make sure those valuable dollars are working hard for you with a conversion optimized website.

  3. Do your research: You don’t have to know everything there is to know about online advertising (that’s our job!) but with the proliferation of advertising mediums, new techniques and complex software, it’s more important than ever to know where your business fits. What’s your niche? Who are your competitors? Who’s your ideal client, and how do you effectively reach them?

  4. Benefits of local: We provide competitive high-quality services to empower your online lead generation. Let the team at Tastic unleash a strategy that is up to the unique challenges your business is facing.

  5. Our customers stick around because we deliver: At Tastic Marketing, we have an open hand with our clients. Our customers stick around because we deliver. While the results take time, we stick to a roadmap and execute with excellence.


Stay Ahead of The Curve, Just Let Us Do The Hard Work!

We are a professional digital marketing agency in Kitchener that offers scalable internet marketing services for small business and large enterprises. While our clients include charitable organizations, ecommerce and others, our agency specializes in B2B services. We are passionate and proud of the high-quality work we do for our clients. Our team of experts provide competitive solutions to companies in Canada who are ready to grow their business.

Online advertising has the capacity to be exceedingly targeted and selective, making sure your message is reaching its ideal audience(s); it’s a great alternative to bombarding the masses and hoping the right people are listening. Due to its interactive nature, it provides a two-way conversation between your business and customer allows you to understand trends and respond to opportunities. If you are looking for a professional digital marketing company in Kitchener, give us a call. We stay ahead of the curve and constantly push the marker even when things are already great!

Why Choose Tastic Marketing?

Many agencies can build a company website, but it takes a lot more than that to manage a first-class B2B digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms. We take care of all your lead generation needs, from creating logos that resonate with your customers and competitive inbound marketing that puts you on search engine rankings, to designing high quality search engine marketing campaigns that help you realize all your sales goals.

We don’t just sell our work as if a vending machine, we consult with you to identify problems or gaps in your marketing pipeline, then build a strategy with custom solutions for these problems based on your industry, what your competitors are doing, and what your ultimate goals are for the business. We care about your success, both now and in the long-term. That is our great competitive advantage – and yours.

Our Specialties

While we offer a number of promotional and advertising solutions, including Video Production and Corporate Branding Design, our best and most notable success has been in competitive SEO marketing, PPC management and high-end web design.

Responsive Web Design:

These are custom WordPress websites build from the ground up. We perform in-depth foundational SEO research and take the time to learn about you, your company and respective goals. Our conversion rate optimization experts develop professional web design mockups, while offering usability testing before any development takes place so the final product is something we can both be proud of. Our modern designs and high-quality development equates to longer life times and a stronger ROIs. SEO friendly web design plays a large role in the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts. A well structured and optimized website will require less time invested by an internet marketing company in Kitchener to achieve the same results using a website built without these features.

Competitive Search Engine Optimization:

You cannot afford to miss out on professional SEO marketing in Kitchener. Our firm offers small business SEO and enterprise SEO services. Speak with one of our campaign strategists and you’ll quickly realize we mean business. We offer influencer marketing, guest posting, link building, content marketing and much more. Get started with a free consultation and learn about how our inbound marketing company is leading the way. Whether it’s on-page or off-page SEO we can help with our page authority and domain authority services.

Paid Advertising:

Often referred to as pay-per-click or PPC management. This is not to be confused with search engine marketing. Many agencies and businesses think SEM to be the same as paid placement on search engines, this is incorrect. Our internet marketing experts build well architected, tight-knit and targeted campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and more. We make use of various techniques such as remarketing, a/b testing, etc., to minimize acquisition costs and maximize paid advertising revenues. Our specialized B2B digital marketing and ecommerce advertising solutions give our clients peace of mind. What we care about at the end of the day is the quantity of quality leads funneling to your sales team.