PPC Management Company – Toronto

Tastic Marketing is a professional PPC management company near Toronto. We work with companies (b2b, e-commerce, etc) who understand the value of competitive PPC marketing services and are serious about online lead generation and business growth.

Our Toronto paid management team provides a wholesome approach to marketing. PPC extends beyond tight-knit Google AdWords accounts, engaging Facebook Ads, advanced targeting and data analysis. Contact us to maximize marketing effectiveness!



Professional PPC Management in Toronto

At Tastic, we sometimes speak with business owners who say they have avoided paid advertising (pay-per-click marketing) campaigns in the past because they just couldn’t justify the expense. If that sounds like your business, take heart: professional PPC management can be an extremely effective method of getting quality traffic to your website at a cost of acquisition that you – and your marketing budget – can live with. But it doesn’t end there; once that traffic arrives at your virtual doorstep, what are you going to do with it? The imperative but often-overlooked process of converting that traffic into sales, makes the ultimate difference between an expert PPC marketing campaign and one that fizzles.

Fortunately, Tastic Marketing is a Toronto PPC management company that specializes in the first kind. If your current digital marketing agency isn’t doing enough in terms of increased traffic, it may not be that pay-per-click is a bad strategy; you may just need Tastic.

What’s the (Ad)Word on the street?

Digital marketers know that well planned, professional PPC marketing services can increase the flow of qualified leads to your website, driving business you would not have otherwise received; we’ve seen it over and over in the many companies we’ve helped win the favour of the AdWords Gods. However, it’s important to understand that for most companies, PPC is just one element in an overarching digital marketing strategy.

Professional PPC management services work best in conjunction with a consistent and high-quality online presence. By building around your brand and clearly communicating your business’ value proposition through professional content marketing and expert web design. Good thing we are a full service digital marketing agency with expertise in all of these areas. We can develop and coordinate your digital marketing efforts under one roof, for positive results that are compounded.

Raising The Bar With A Competitive Toronto PPC Company

So, just how does a successful PPC marketing campaign work? An extensive amount of research and preparation is required to ensure it ultimately leads to profits rather than just wasted clicks. When it comes to paid advertising, we believe the first step is to ensure we can send traffic to pages that are conversion friendly. We can help you improve your quality score and increase your click-through rate on Google AdWords, but when your traffic moves from an ad to your website it is essential to provide a landing page experience that is good at moving site visitors into your sales funnel.

Your Tastic paid advertising team will scrutinize your business and the industry to determine relevant, high-ranking keywords and work with AdWords to deploy your ads to the right demographic(s), in the right places at the right times, for maximum benefit. As a PPC management company in Toronto, we understand what works in terms of online marketing campaigns for local businesses because we take the time to understand customer behaviour here and abroad.

Expert PPC = Quality Conversions 4 Easy Sales!

We can’t state it enough: Conversion is what separates expert PPC management services from those that waste your money. That’s why our advanced pay-per-click marketing campaigns are designed with conversion in mind: we create tight knit groups of ads that do their job, placing your prospective clients onto landing pages at the expected point within the conversion funnel. When designing landing pages, we ensure everything from page content to design is developed to maximize conversion rates. This process is unique to Tastic Marketing; very few agencies in Canada are familiar with this cutting edge marketing strategy.

One advantage of pay-per-click over organic is that you have the opportunity to launch efficient campaigns fairly quickly, resulting in more leads and more conversions sooner rather than later. Miraculous overnight results? Maybe. A realistic approach to sustainable, desired results? Absolutely. Writing compelling ads, designing conversion-ready landing pages, and correctly structuring your Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising account to get you the results you deserve isn’t an overnight matter. But once the campaign is running, we will be able to determine whether your ad spend is sufficient to reach your sales targets by tracking your position. We will conduct A/B testing to choose the highest converting landing pages (if you have enough traffic), discern where your customers are coming from, and track conversion rates; all this data will help us to efficiently tailor your campaign to your budget and goals. Continuously refining your campaigns means you will see your sales numbers improving…and improving…and improving.

Landing Pages, CPA’s, Quality Scores, Split Testing, Audience Identification, and more…

Professional paid advertising is actually quite complex. There is so much to consider. The key is to find a PPC management agency who has a team of experts in this area, but more importantly who will be dedicated to pushing the marker with your account. At Tastic Marketing we are fully dedicated to your success and work hard to keep feeding quality leads into your sales pipeline.

Don’t delay – let the leads and conversions begin, with an expertly managed paid advertising campaign that acts as a game-changer for your business. Call Tastic Marketing today to find out how.