Search & Display Networks

The best way to think of Search & Display is inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound (i.e. search) are people looking for you right now perhaps by entering a search query for your product or service. Outbound on the other hand, is similar to a radio braodcast.

However, with a radio broadcast you cannot really target an individual or particular demographic. With professional outbound marketing (i.e. display) we get value to the right people at the right time. Our Toronto PPC experts can help your business grow!


Growth Strategy: Professional PPC Services

The last time you were online reading about the best way to get stains off a white shirt, and an ad came up for a local plumber – did you click on it? Probably not. Plumbing is an industry that doesn’t see much immediate benefit from display ads because people aren’t going to interrupt what they’re doing online to find out more unless something happens to be wrong with their toilet. But when something is wrong with your toilet, you go online and actively search for a plumber. Advertising on the Display Network is not going to be a successful strategy for most emergency services like locksmiths and electricians, which people tend to pursue only when the need arises; these types of services are better off running Search Network campaigns to increase direct conversions.

What about other industries? Should specialized professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, lawyers and IT solutions providers bother with the Display Network, since their services are also likely to only be accessed in times of need? The answer here can be yes. We say can, because if you have a limited budget then we need to consider how to maximize your ROI and optimize your ad spend. That said, the decision making process here is long enough to target these individuals, who may not engage with these ads immediately.

Marketing is all about providing value, while Betty may not want to buy a $500 scarf, Scott is thrilled to purchase that Cashmere-Silk Scarf. Do you think Scott wants to spend 30 minutes trying to find the right scarf? No, just like Betty who simply wanted to find a company who offered a $25 blue scarf with free shipping and returns. We love when we find what we value, and marketing (as well as sales) is far more effective when you find just the right person. The Display Network provides a good opportunity to do just that!

SALES = The Only Stat That Matters!

At Tastic, we’re experts in the finer points of utilizing features such as the Display Network and the many associated technical and creative features. Our mission is to provide revenue generating and high converting paid advertising services to businesses that are serious about growth. We define success as helping our client’s grow their business, so our goal is not high CTR’s or impression shares, but sales and positive customer service. You can call us now for a consultation on our recommended digital marketing strategy for your business; or, if you’re the inquisitive sort, read on and find out more about the art and science of effectively using the Search and Display Networks to boost your brand awareness, improve the performance of your Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, or other paid advertising platform.

The Value of Search & Display For Your Company

You’ve hired a PPC management company to create optimized and engaging ads. Now the question is, where to flaunt them? If you’re running PPC campaigns, you’re familiar with the Google Search Network, which places your ads above your business listing in search engine results. You might also be harnessing the power of Google’s Display Network (targeted through Google AdWords marketing campaigns). But are you truly putting your online marketing dollars and ad spend to the best use?

Ads should be served depending on the audience you are targeting, and what stage of the marketing funnel that person is in. These, amongst many others, are important questions for a professional PPC management agency to answer. There are many ongoing considerations to factor in. The key is to find an agency like Tastic Marketing who has the technical know-how as well as the passion and dedication to create competitive PPC marketing campaigns.

Our search engine marketing experts work hard to understand and optimize the performance of your paid advertising platforms. At the end of the day, we only care about one thing, SALES! Our job is to understand the ROI functions of your paid advertising campaigns. Let’s get technical for a moment: Let x represent all advertising campaigns, f(x) is the ROI as a function of campaign x’s budget, g(x) is the ROI of f(x) as a function of targeting parameters, and so on and so forth. In other words, where is the saturation point of a campaign, what is the best allocation of resources, and how can we optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI? We work hard to optimize your campaign performance in all aspects!

Advanced Toronto PPC Management

Because user behaviour differs widely between the Display Network and the Search Network, if you’re running the same PPC campaign on both channels and hoping for the best, you might be doing just that – hoping – because accurately analyzing hard data may be difficult if not impossible when metrics are combined across both networks. Professional PPC management services are all about fine-tuned control of variables in your account If you are not seeing the results you are looking for the answer may be to consult a more competitive PPC marketing agency that knows how to build and strategize advanced campaigns as well as integrate with your other online marketing solutions for even stronger results. Keyword search “Tastic Marketing” for Google results!