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Tastic Marketing is a Search Engine Marketing company in Toronto. We offer high-quality, competitive solutions to businesses looking to generate quality leads online. Today, many believe search engine marketing services equate to PPC Management. However, experts

understand SEM combines the power of SEO and PPC marketing. Competitive digital marketing agencies will often combine these services as they provide greater value when working together. Find out how we optimize the entire customer journey to increase sales!



The Foundation of Online Lead Generation

It’s not enough just to be online these days (though it’s a start) – in order to generate inquiries and sales, you need a comprehensive strategy that will help you broadcast your content appropriately and then convert the visitors who respond to that content, into loyal customers. Because there isn’t just one way to do this but a whole assortment of tactics, some strategies will work better for you than others depending on your industry and the goals you have set for your business.

Think of search engine marketing as a basket containing all SEO related (link building, guest posting, influencer marketing, traditional, etc) and paid marketing (display, search, remarketing, etc) services. Some might refer to SEM as inbound marketing, as it accurately depicts the locations for which your online presences will impress. How will you combine the mix to improve the overall effectiveness of your online lead generation, and reach your targets?

You better put Tastic in that basket!

Over 50% of Searches Are Local

Search engine marketing is an umbrella term used to describe paid search marketing activities like PPC, CPC (cost-per-click) and mobile targeting, as well as organic initiatives like SEO and all its associated trappings, from content marketing to on-page SEO optimization. In short, this online advertising service describes all efforts that encourage web traffic from search engine results pages. That could be your Google AdWords campaign just as much as your link building and off-page SEO strategy; paid and organic strategies work hand in hand to increase online sales for your company, because adjusting your web content and messaging to optimize for search engines for higher rankings, in turn also enhances conversion rates and lowers the cost of PPC marketing efforts (CPC / CPA / Etc).

Some still insist that SEM just refers to the paid-search aspects of online marketing, but at Tastic, we’re big fans of the umbrella, and for good reason: SEO is powerful stuff, and so is paid advertising. Combine them properly and you get an unstoppable force that drives people to your website, while our advanced techniques make sure your marketing dollars are as effective as possible. No wonder advertisers spend billions on SEM and consider it to be one of the most important online marketing channels.

Win Using Local SEO by Your Local Agency!

Competitive on-page / off-page SEO and paid advertising management isn’t easy; it’s a complex undertaking best managed by a search engine marketing company that understands the different facets of digital marketing and how these work together to produce optimal results. When working with Tastic, you can expect us to pull out all the stops as we our expert SEM services which produce a continuous cycle of positive results for your business. For example, by improving user experience, we increase conversion rates, which means a higher ROI. Our expert search engine marketing company strongly believes in the marriage of SEO and PPC related techniques. Here are some steps to look for when working with a professional SEM company in Toronto.

Most of the companies who approach us are already with a professional search engine marketing company. However, they are seeking more competitive results and recognize the value of a high-end SEM agency. We believe a online lead generation company with proven expertise in, and passion for, online marketing, can deliver an integrated solution that results in increased web traffic and higher conversions for you.

At Tastic Marketing, we take the time to study your audience behaviour to find out who they are, where they are, and how they currently interact with brands online. With extensive demographic study, we can fine-tune the target to a local Toronto audience interested in crocheting and banjos or a C level executive living halfway across the globe.

Toronto Search Engine Marketing Agency

Extensive research and analysis helps determine how to structure your account. We build out your campaign, developing attention-grabbing ads and develop strong landing pages with compelling designs and content that grab hold of ad respondents and don’t let go until they take action. We believe it’s so important to take the time to build tight-knit campaigns and targeted traffic funnels that make the conversion process a no-brainer for ideal customers.

For client’s with more advanced internet marketing services, we identify adjacent markets and off-page SEO opportunities that can improve your domain authority and page authority. And locally perform A/B testing on your website to continuously improve the efficacy of your marketing strategy by measuring your results and making changes based on data collected.

For cost effective solutions tailored to the needs and goals of your business…for innovative, customized local SEM services that raises your revenue…and for internet marketing solutions that deliver measurable results, think Tastic. We retain our valued client relationships by delivering superior results over the long term and providing unmatched satisfaction – nothing more. Kick start your success with a free consultation.