Conversion Rate


What is CRO?

Conversion Optimization, is a calculated and strategic approach to improving the conversion rate of your website. Using a number of creative and analytic techniques to develop insights into your target audience(s). At Tastic Marketing, we dominate on all fronts: advanced data analytics, eye-catching graphics, and conversion optimized designs. Improving conversion rates isn’t simply another KPI. It does more than just provide higher statistics. By combining strong designs with Conversion Optimized traffic funnels, you increase brand value. Think back to when you dealt with a website which made your life simple by providing you with exactly what you wanted, the way you wanted it. Do more with the traffic you already have. If you’re concerned that you’ve seen lots of website visitors without a corresponding leap in actionable results and revenues, Tastic can fix that.

Why CRO?

Conversion rate optimization improves the chances of that happening. It combines analytics and test data with gorgeous design implementations to improve the performance of your website, so that customers who land there have a great experience which makes it easy for them to take the actions that you want them to, instead of just passively browsing before leaving your website.






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Congratulations, you have a website that is receiving a fair amount of traffic. However, for some reason you aren’t converting very many people. Perhaps you are spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising and on service fees to rank higher in search results but feel you are lacking actual leads / conversion volume. Well there is a solution – Conversion Optimization! It’s expected that your website will have many more visitors than it does sales (or subscribers,
downloads, etc.); after all, lots of people stop by just to ‘kick the tires’, to browse around, compare pricing, gain product information, and the like. Just like physical shoppers, they might buy something (or take further action) on their next visit, so you’ll want to leave them with something so they know doing business with you is the right decision. Call us to learn how we can improve your ROI using CRO today!

Stages of CRO

Phase 1


Before beginning any conversion optimization strategy, you need to have sufficient traffic and a method(s) of testing, measuring, and analyzing changes you make. The more data you have the more informed your next hypothesis.

Phase 2


Based on best practices and human behavioural data, create designs and content that will take visitors through a journey they will enjoy. When you have your base template, check it using an audience you can interact with.

Phase 3


The key to a good conversion optimization expert is understanding how to interpret data and knowing what to test / how to test it. Otherwise you may just be spinning your tires.

Phase 4


After analyzing data and coming up with a hypothesis test it out. Create modern designs and valuable content based on the data gathered by your CRO expert.

Phase 5


Well how did it go? The power of conversion rate optimization is astounding. Larger agencies and businesses are looking everywhere for experts who understand conversion optimization.

Leverage our expertise for greater results

Many small and mid-size businesses believe digital marketing begins and ends with a website, but to truly unlock the potential of a client’s business, much more is involved. To convert web traffic into sales, you do need a website that’s visually stunning and easy to navigate – but is also designed with conversion optimization in mind. Beginning with best practices, Tastic works to drive increased and appropriate traffic to your website while concurrently applying conversion optimization tactics to improve the user experience and CRO – thereby maximizing ROIs. Rigorous, ongoing testing is used to analyze visitor behaviour. This data is used to inform better designs, improved a/b testing, and more enticing experiences for target audience(s).

With Tastic Marketing, you are choosing to work with a team of highly experienced digital marketing professionals who are dedicated to your success. Our team has a passion for their relative areas of expertise. As a results, our conversion rate optimization specialists are continually researching optimization best practices and behavioural data to predict human interaction with digital products.

What will your visitor look at first? Second? Third? How can you use an image of a human’s face to cause a visitor to read exactly what you need? Where is the best place to position text around a video? What elements are necessary at specific points on a landing page? What colours should you choose? Which system should you activate or deplete (rational / emotional)? How to structure a website or a web page? Which CTA (Call-To-Action) will best suit said target audience? Is there something your visitors would like to have? What are your visitors reading and where are they scrolling / clicking? How to structure a purchase process and which design strategies will improve sales? These are just a few questions our conversion rate optimization specialists have studied in-depth.

Our conversion optimization agency deploys the right tools and platforms for your business to help you reach your sales goals faster, while measurably increasing your rate of return on advertising dollars. We like to get involved by learning about you and your business, because at the end of the day it all starts and ends with you!

Supercharge your lead generation with Tastic

Even if you’re doing pretty well with online lead generation already, there’s always room for improvement. That means there’s room for Tastic. In a world where paid advertising is expensive, you deserve to convert the maximum percentage of website visitors into devoted customers – because your leads are a resource you simply can’t afford to waste. Moreover, well-constructed, conversion optimized websites also do more than just make sales; they actually build brand value with your customers, affiliates and partners, taking your business to the next level. Next stop? Market domination.

At Tastic, we’re excited about the power of conversion rate optimization and what it can do for your business. Of course there is a place for all the other elements of digital marketing, which, when well-orchestrated, work in concert to build your brand and improve online lead generation. But there’s a special place in our hearts for effective CRO designed to turn passive visitors into paying customers, while building your brand value and taking your business to the next level.

We believe successful business owners recognize that digital and online marketing plays a critical role in the success of a business today. However, finding the right marketing team can be quite challenging. We are passionate about our clients’ success and deliver high-end services that help our valued clients reach their business goals. To learn more, click here to book a free, friendly discussion with one of our conversion rate optimization experts.