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It takes more than a company website to successfully generate online revenue. Combining high-quality web design and competitive internet marketing services provide the greatest ROI. Don’t go the cheap route with your company online presence, this money ends

up going to the waste bin, leading to lost opportunities and online revenue generation. When it comes to small business website design, do it right the first time. We develop high-quality solutions that solve real marketing problems. Call Tastic if you value quality!



Small Business, Big Value

Small business is actually pretty big business in Canada. With small and medium-sized enterprises employing nearly 90 percent of the Canadian workforce, SMB is the fundamental cornerstone of the Canadian economy…just as your website is the fundamental cornerstone of your company, providing vital, round the clock exposure of your products and services locally and all over the world. In order to impress the strangers who will find you online, your website must be modern, professionally designed, and able to spearhead all your internet marketing initiatives. If your website isn’t meeting these objectives, or if you aren’t yet online at all, it’s time for Tastic Marketing.

Quality Websites That Lay The Foundation For Online Marketing

No matter how unique your business model or product offering, you probably have a few (or a few thousand) competitors. How can you set yourself apart from the pack? With custom web design that’s not only sleek, attention-getting and attractive, but search engine friendly so that people can find you when they type in a relevant search query. Once found, your small business website design must be user-friendly so that customers can easily educate themselves about your firm and complete their transactions smoothly.

Some entrepreneurs, in the DIY spirit that has made them successful in the first place, decide to design their own website using a template – but such sites often end up simply reflecting the owner’s personality, rather than appealing to their company’s target audiences. This is fine if your website just needs to function as a business card, doing nothing until you specifically refer someone there to get your contact info or view your portfolio. If you want your website to drive customers to you, then a professionally designed website is absolutely critical. It allows potential clients to discover who you are, what you do, and why you’re so great at doing it that they simply have to do business with you.

Professional Small Business Web Design Services

If you are on a tight budget, avoid the costly mistake of looking for short-term savings by buying a cheap website, often this is just money down the drain. A poorly designed site may only cost you hundreds up front, but this loss is far outweighed by the loss of future revenues that you could have been making from a properly functioning website. It’s important to give your custom WordPress web design the attention it deserves; after all, it will be the major driver of all your internet marketing. There’s no point investing in a blog and embarking on paid advertising campaigns without a website that will convert the traffic you send there into paying customers.

As a growing company, you need to leverage expert SEO techniques on-page and off, to consistently maintain the high search engine rankings that will help determine how many site visitors you get. You also need to make the most of every site visitor with useful and engaging content, effective, targeted marketing messages, and clear calls to action that lead your visitors from landing page to checkout/form completion/engagement. There are a lot of moving parts which, if properly executed by a website design firm that understands the needs of SMBs, result in a big ROI.

Give Your Small Business A Big Boost

At Tastic, we know you have enough on your plate without worrying about your whether your website is doing justice to your company. Our professional small business website design model is based on sitting down with you and getting to know your business, your industry, and your competition, as well as your ideal client – so we can build your site from the perspective of what you really need to succeed in your market. Once your custom website is built, we relentlessly track conversion rates and other key metrics such as where your site visitors are coming from and how much it’s costing you to get them. That way, you can keep your marketing spend under control and make sure your website and your other internet marketing efforts – from content marketing to paid advertising – are truly working for you.

For a partner that offers creative and modern small business website design, effective internet marketing and great value to your business, call Tastic for a free consultation.