SEO Optimized Web Design

Tastic Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency in Toronto. We focus on providing high-quality solutions to solve online marketing challenges businesses face. In order four our clients to compete on the web, we believe in laying a strong foundation.

The foundation of online marketing is professional SEO web design services. While quality incoming traffic is important, the process of converting incoming traffic into leads is essential. Learn how our SEO web design services can help you grow your business online.



Marketing Ready Websites!

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and offer the amazing suite of products and services that you do. Now if only there was some way to show the entire world… Wait, there is! Your company website is your 24/7 advertising platform all over the world, which gives it the potential to be one of the most valuable pieces of virtual real estate you own. With over 12 billion online searches taking place per month in the US alone, there are people out there every second looking for a business like yours. Now if only they could find you…

Websites Are The Starting Point of Online Marketing

You can have a beautiful, artistically designed and creative website – and that’s a big step in the right direction – but unless it’s properly engineered, it’s not going to do its job. The primary purpose of a optimized online presence is to draw traffic and then educate your site visitors about your products and services, gaining their trust and providing a value proposition so compelling that passive browsers will stay and become loyal customers.

In today’s advertising-inundated and algorithm-driven world, you have to do a lot more than be visually appealing to achieve this. Your website must be attractive, yes, but it also requires SEO friendly web design, firstly so that your company website will appear high up in major search engines, and secondly to establish legitimacy and credibility with your customers once you are found. Enter Tastic. As a leading Toronto SEO web design company, we understand what needs to go into a website to make it work for you:

  • Fully customized website built around your brand

  • Professional custom graphics to build value & gain trust

  • Modern SEO friendly web design for improved lead generation

  • Quality code & longer site lifetime

  • Conversion optimized traffic funnels

  • Professional content development

  • Responsive web design & mobile optimization – making your site easy to find in handheld device searches on handheld devices, and giving site visitors functional access to your website on their mobile devices

  • Creation and optimal placement of user-friendly, interactive content, including carefully selected original pictures, videos and text

  • Landing pages with strong calls to action that facilitate conversion

Our website design and development is based on the needs and goals of your individual business. At Tastic, we offer fully integrated e-commerce websites, b2b service based websites, professional SAAS web design and more. We also carry out rigorous A/B testing (for clients with sufficient traffic) to optimize sure your website structure, content, and call to actions, so as to guide more customers successfully into a sales funnel. With a website specifically built around your value proposition and designed for quality online lead generation, you’ll experience increased sales and retention, and an improved bottom line.

Professional SEO Friendly Websites For Business

If you do not have a great website, you’re probably wasting your marketing dollars. An SEO optimized website is more likely to convert, meaning that you are generating more leads for the same dollars spent advertising. Not all company websites are designed for the same activities; for example, an e-commerce site needs the ability to process secure financial transactions quickly, while a general contractor’s site might have a greater emphasis on slideshows and interactive components than a law firm’s. Professional quality SEO web design can greatly increase the effectiveness of your website in its particular role as a virtual storefront. At Tastic, we design websites that complement your company’s operations and improve your brand legitimacy with customers.

However, despite superficial differences, all websites need to maximize the synergy between your business and its online presence. That means your website must work with, not against, not only your online marketing strategy but your current offline marketing initiatives and your business as a whole. Fortunately, Tastic Marketing isn’t just an SEO web design company; we’re also a full service internet marketing firm, and we integrate our expert knowledge of internet marketing throughout the web development process to exponentially increase positive results.

SEO Optimization Is More Than Your Search Rankings

By taking an internet marketing approach to web development, Tastic is able to custom tailor online advertising solutions that will help you achieve search domination over the competition – and spark the interest and delight of your site visitors. This isn’t one size fits all internet marketing; it’s web development with your long term business goals in mind.

Seize the opportunity to grow your business with a powerful online presence that is lead generation effective. We offer high-quality and competitive service. Call Tastic Marketing to get started with a powerful online advertising strategy to help your business grow.