Staying up to date on the industry and latest trends is so important to your success as a company. What better way to do that than attending a conference, talking to people, and networking? Getting immersed in the industry is the best way to stay on top of what’s new and exciting.

In Toronto, we’re lucky to have a vibrant hub of passionate, knowledgeable, marketing professionals. Conferences are a huge part of professional development and there’s no better way to better yourself (and your company) than by immersing yourself in the marketing culture Toronto has to offer.

So, what’s holding you back? Here’s a roundup of the top marketing conferences in Toronto to get you started.

InboundCon Toronto
“Canada’s Premier Inbound Marketing Conference in Toronto, Canada”; this is a marketing and SEO conference created by Powered by Search. InboundCon brings together the best of the best to help you with your landing pages, lead generation tools, building links, and everything else you need to really optimize your SEO and marketing strategy. While you may think you’ve got these things under control, you never know what you might learn from getting a different perspective on your strategy and hearing how other companies optimize their tools.

If you can’t wait for the conference, or just want to get your toes wet by attending a smaller event, there are a number of Meet-Up events in down town Toronto which discuss various SEO and internet marketing topics with impressive panels.

unbounce conversion roadtrip
Unbounce Conference
This road-trip style conference is all about optimization – sort of an SEO conference mixed with topics like career growth and marketing campaigns. It’s a one day conference, so your day will be jam-packed. That being said, you’ll leave full of insight and knowledge. Learn how to A/B test like a pro, supercharge your career, or just schmooze at the crazy after-party. Regardless of what you do, this conference is a ton of fun and the best way to get a taste of everything you need to take your marketing plan to the next level.

Digital Agency Day
Digital Agency Day
Digital Agency Day is run by HubSpot and Unbounce and takes place completely online. This is a FREE digital marketing conference but has some of the most talented speakers presenting on advanced techniques. You can attend this conference from the couch, on your lunch break at work, or save it for a rainy day. A sort of advertising conference meets marketing, you can learn a lot about digital marketing in general. Whether you want to perfect your pitches, learn how to use videos better, or just get some insight on industry trends, this conference is a perfect opportunity to learn some new things at your own pace.

You can also grab all the recordings from the last conference in 2016, so what are you waiting for?!

clickz live toronto
ClickZ Live
An SEO conference and digital marketing conference combined, ClickZ travels the world for their ClickZ Live events. With speakers from Google, Coca Cola, NASA, and LinkedIn (to name a few), this conference gives you exposure from a bunch of different industries to allow you to gain valuable insight you can apply to your business, whatever type it may be.

Held over three days, you’ll get to rub shoulders with all types of marketing professionals. You’ll learn how to use digital marketing to your advantage and tips to keep your company savvy and agile.

This digital marketing conference and content marketing conference offers a 100% Canadian spin on the digital marketing industry. With thought-provoking speakers from HubSpot and IBM, as well as sessions about data, SEO, building your brand, and social media, this conference has a bit of everything. You’ll walk away with a well-rounded basket of new skills to take action, while being able to meet some new connections right here in Canada.

This list could go on and on! Toronto is a great place to be growing a digital marketing business for this very reason. The city is so rich with inspiring professionals, innovative companies, and events that get everyone into the same room to learn and grow. For even more conferences, Eventbrite offers a pretty extensive list of digital marketing conferences that are upcoming and updated as well.

Let us know in the comments which conference you’d recommend! You’ve attended, you’re planning on going to in 2016?

Additional Help for Internet Marketing Agencies:

CAMP Marketing Toronto
If you are an agency we highly recommend you get in touch with The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals – CAMP. They provide workshops in Toronto for SEO, Paid Advertising, Inbound Marketing and more. Moreover, if you have an agency you can apply for rewards and enjoy many other perks such as member-to-member discounts, giveaways and general marketing assistance.