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Paid Advertising is a method of purchasing placement on the internet to market your company website. There are three main locations in which your ads can be displayed: Search Networks, Display Networks and Social Networks. As a professional PPC management company, Tastic Marketing develops high-end paid advertising strategies that use advanced techniques to improve conversion rates and lower costs (CPCs and CPAs). We take our time in building very tight knit campaigns and tying in dedicated landing pages for improved conversion rates. Talk to us to see how an expert search engine marketing company does it.


How much does PPC cost?

Our search engine marketing company provides quotes based on several factors, such as the number of products, services, and paid marketing platforms we will be dealing with. We also consider how competitive your industry is to determine if you require more advanced services such as ongoing landing page development and custom graphics. Our PPC marketing experts are located here in Toronto, Ontario and have significant experience in building powerful pay-per-click marketing campaigns that live up to the Tastic brand.

How soon can we start?

As a professional full service digital marketing agency, we believe in marketing you as a business and not simply selling you a service. Therefore, we perform a complete analysis of your marketing pipeline. For example, there is no point driving traffic to a website that won’t convert. Your QS and CTR doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day if you aren’t generating leads. As an expert ppc management company, we are consistently working to grow your company.

How do I find out more?

If you still have questions regarding our professional PPC marketing services, packages, or pricing we recommend that you call us or send us an email. Talk to us and discover how we can help your business receive more traffic to your existing or new company website. Our paid advertising agency can help improves your KPI’s and overall online lead generation. Our Canadian Paid Advertising company is located in Mississauga just outside Toronto.


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Behavioural Visual Analysis Tools
Advanced Targeting Tactics & Customized Ads

How Expert PPC Management Helps?

The easy way to find out if PPC marketing services can help your business is to speak to us for a free consultation. You won’t feel any pressure. Just because you can benefit from paid marketing does not mean it is the best investment for your company and we will help you find the best digital marketing strategy. During our discussion, we hope to gain as much insight into your company as we can. We want to learn about you, your business, business objectives, competitors, products and services. Tastic Marketing has a very unique value-driven approach and is dedicated to creating value for your business through competitive online advertising services using platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and more.

During our free consultation, one of our digital marketing strategists will present potential areas of improvement which have been identified. After the meeting sit back with your team to consider what you think is best for your company. As a passionate and hard working team of PPC marketing experts, we want clients that value us and are as excited as we are about your growth. There is nothing better than positive synergy between our clients and our local Canadian digital marketing agency. We hope you can think of us as your personal marketing team; we are completely invested in the success of our clients.